Eastern Brown Snake Caught Near Playground in Australian Capital

A highly venomous snake spotted near a playground in Canberra, Australia, was nabbed by a local snake catcher, video posted on Sunday, October 18, shows.

Footage shared by Gavin Smith of ACT Snake Removals shows him capturing the eastern brown snake near a playground area in Weston Park as he’s cheered by onlookers.

The second clip shows him releasing the snake back into the wild.

The eastern brown snake is one of the most deadly venomous snakes in the world.

Writing on Twitter, Smith, who describes himself as an “aspiring herpetologist,” said catching the snake was “not a walk in the park, but rather a slither.”

“My policy with eastern browns is tail and then bag as quick as I can … these guys have exceptional agility & defense … Of course, now and again, you get a gentle and calm snake and there is a good education opportunity!” he added. Credit: Gavin Smith (ACT Snake Removals) via Storyful