EasyJet passengers in Pisa ‘stuck in hot corridor with no food, water or toilets’

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Passengers wait at Pisa Airport as an Easyjet flight is eventually cancelled (Neil Rylance )
Passengers wait at Pisa Airport as an Easyjet flight is eventually cancelled (Neil Rylance )

Britons in Pisa scheduled to board a plane to Manchester say they were instead left in a hot airport corridor with no food, water or toilets only to be told it was cancelled eight hours later.

Disgruntled easyJet passengers said they were ushered to the corridor at Pisa Airport on Tuesday when their 11.30am flight to Manchester was delayed.

They claim they were given no communication, or a way out of the corridor, and some were fainting in the sweltering heat with temperatures in the high 20s.

The flight was eventually cancelled.

Many took to Twitter to vent their frustration and call for help.

One passenger, Martin Brady, claimed he had spent eight hours in the airport to be told the flight was cancelled.

Natalie Yates said: “We’ve been delayed already and now ushered into the boarding tunnel with no food, water or toilets and people are fainting and overheating. No communication, and no way out. Send help.”

In a second Tweet she wrote: “There is nobody at our gates now, people are passing out and we just need a bus to the plane which is sat waiting, food and drinks are selling out and it’s overcrowded here.”

Ms Yates told the Standard she is still waiting for a reply from EasyJet.

Neil Rylance said his 83-year-old father was left standing for four hours.

Another passenger Andy Sparrow told the Standard he arrived home on Wednesday evening, after his flight was delayed again, and his friend is still in Pisa.

“He is self employed and has lost two days work costing him hundreds of pounds.”

EasyJet said passengers were in the corridor awaiting to board a bus to the aircraft for no more than 30 minutes.

“We do not have any reports of any passengers fainting, but nonetheless we are very sorry for the delay they experienced,” the airline told the Standard.

Passengers were taken back to the airport terminal, and when the flight was eventually cancelled, people were provided with options to rebook onto alternative flights, receive a refund, and passengers who needed it were given hotel accommodation and meals, Easyjet said.

EasyJet passengers wait at Pisa Airport (Andy Sparrow)
EasyJet passengers wait at Pisa Airport (Andy Sparrow)

“While no issues were raised to our team, we are sorry for any discomfort any customers experienced while initially waiting to board and our team escorted customers back to the terminal and provided refreshments.

The airline is set to cancel thousands of flights this summer as it struggles with staff shortages, which could set it back £200 million.

Meanwhile, easyJet cabin crew based in Spain are poised to strike for nine days in July due to a row over pay.

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