EasyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 passengers warned over these clothing rules

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Jet2, Ryanair, TUI, and easyJet passengers could be in for a surprise if they don't dress appropriately - with an airline insider warning that inappropriate clothing might get them banned from their flights. Mary Jo Manzanares, who has more than three decades of experience in the skies, shared the critical reasons behind airlines' strict dress codes.

She placed emphasis on making sure you nip potential conflicts in the bud on the ground, saying: "You've got to make your priority resolving things on the ground, making sure that there is no aggression. When you go to 30,000 feet, you may [have] passenger conversation or banter or inappropriate comments between passengers, add in a little alcohol, and you may be making an unscheduled landing. And no one wants that."

Echoing Manzanares' sentiments, a flight attendant told The Sun about the enforcement of dress code policies: "We're well within our rights to prevent people getting on the flight and it's used frequently for people who aren't dressed in a way we would deem to be acceptable."

For those jetting off with Jet2, Ryanair, TUI, or Easyjet, here's a heads-up: what you wear can make or break your journey, reports the Mirror. A flight attendant has cautioned: "There are some obvious examples here, including t-shirts with swear words or offensive logos on them, which people are regularly asked to cover up, or remove, before they get on board.", reports Birmingham Live.

While there's no strict dress code policy from most airlines, it's wise to steer clear of grubby, ripped garments, super casual get-ups, or any threads emblazoned with potentially offensive slogans or crude language. And while flip-flops might be a go-to for some travellers, certain carriers might give the thumbs down to beachwear vibes on their flights.

Remember, if you're flying to a destination with specific dress laws or cultural norms, airlines expect you to dress appropriately in line with these requirements before you even step onto the plane.

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