Eating Out? Here's How UK Cities Rank For Food Hygiene

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When you go to a restaurant what’s the first thing you look for? The decor, the menu or the food hygiene rating? Most of us don’t really inspect how hygienic a restaurant is, but it’s probably time we should. Despite the pandemic, food hygiene officials have continued to inspect restaurants and businesses around the country.

A new study by Essential Living looked at which well-known chain restaurants and takeaways have the best and worst hygiene ratings across the UK.

The report uncovered that London has the highest number of one-star hygiene-rated restaurants in the UK. Just 61% of London’s restaurants achieved the five-star (top) hygiene rating available from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

(Photo: PeopleImages via Getty Images)
(Photo: PeopleImages via Getty Images)

Over 2,000 eateries in London scored under two stars in their hygiene ratings in the past year, making up approximately 6% of all London restaurants.

Newcastle came in as the most hygienic city in the UK, with over 86% of their eateries scoring the highest hygiene rating possible (5*). Nottingham comes out just behind with 85% of its eateries scoring 5* hygiene, and Belfast comes 3rd in the UK with just under three-quarters of its eateries being awarded the top hygiene rating.

Despite London having the most one-star ratings, Cardiff comes bottom in the UK for its hygiene ratings overall, with just under 60% of its eateries scoring the top hygiene rating. Nearly 5% of their eateries scored two or below for hygiene.

These are the most (and least) hygienic cities for eating out, according to the research:

  1. Newcastle, 86.98% of eateries scoring high

  2. Nottingham, 85.60% of eateries scoring high

  3. Belfast, 74.53% of eateries scoring high

  4. Brighton 73.06% of eateries scoring high

  5. Sheffield 73.02% of eateries scoring high

  6. Bristol 72.77% of eateries scoring high

  7. Liverpool 68.24% of eateries scoring high

  8. Leeds 67.56% of eateries scoring high

  9. Manchester 63.32% of eateries scoring high

  10. London 61.52% of eateries scoring high

  11. Birmingham 60.04% of eateries scoring high

  12. Cardiff 59.78% of eateries scoring high

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