Ebony's guilt is finally revealed

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Tori and Jasmine work hard to save Colby after he went into respiratory arrest. When Colby is stabilised, they debrief about his puzzling medical situation. Apart from suffering from a malignant hypothermia reaction to the sux, how come he already had so much sux in his system? It's not the kind of drug you can get hold of outside a hospital.

Tori phones Justin, who's with Robbo at the police station. The cops are convinced that Robbo is guilty of Hazel's murder, so aren't looking at other suspects – such as Ebony, who's still missing. Robbo realises the only way he might be able to win the cops around is if he can convince them of Ebony's motive. Justin relays this to Tori, worried for Robbo but also perplexed as they discuss what kind of mental headspace Ebony would have to be in to kill her own mother so violently.

This gives Tori the idea to research whether Ebony has any mental health admissions. It turns out that she hasn't, but when Tori seeks out Ebony's general medical records on a national health register, she discovers substantial notes that imply ongoing domestic physical abuse, going back to her childhood and likely at Hazel's hand.

Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, Jasmine does some snooping of her own, checking whether any sux is missing from the hospital's own stock. Her hunch proves right and Jasmine loops Tori into her findings. Together with Justin, they view security footage from that time. The CCTV picks up a figure stealing the sux. As they zoom in, the footage reveals Ebony as the thief. Jasmine is stunned, but Tori and Justin are less so. They race to the police station with this damning evidence.

Already nervous over his hearing being brought forward, Robbo is relieved when Tori and Justin make it in time to show McCarthy what they have found. They run him through Ebony's actions and probable motive. McCarthy agrees to show it to the lawyer and DPP, but Robbo's hearing is still going ahead.

Elsewhere, when Diana arrives at the hospital, it's a huge shock to Maggie and Coco. Diana proudly reveals to Maggie that she's done research on her illness and has arranged for Maggie to go to an exclusive clinical trial. Diana is paying for everything. Ben is furious and determined to stop her, until Maggie surprises everyone by revealing that she's decided to take her mother up on the offer.

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