Echo readers branded ‘prison-like’ toilet gates ‘shocking’ and ‘against human rights’

Prison gates - Echo Facebook users react <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Prison gates - Echo Facebook users react (Image: Newsquest)

“PRISON-like” locked gates on toilets at a school have been branded “shocking” and “disgusting” by south Essex parents and Echo readers.

Castle View School, in Foksville Road, Canvey, confirmed earlier this week that the gates that had been placed across the entrances of toilets, are locked during the day.

Pupils need a pass to go to the toilets during lessons, and then allegedly wait for teachers to unlock the gates at break and lunchtimes.

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Pictures of the gates were posted online, and Echo Facebook users have slammed the schools for making this move.

Many branded the “prison-like” gates, “disgusting” and “against human rights”.

Lorraine Murphy said: “Awful. This should not be allowed to happen.

“It is against human rights.”

Louise Hartley Crouch wrote: “It is basic human rights to be able to use the toilets.

“Yes there are breaks and lunch times but not all kids have time to have lunch and go to the toilets.

“What if there is a massive queue and they don’t get to them  in time before the next lesson? It is just wrong.”

Susan Smith added: “It is a basic human right; the school should be disgusted with itself.”

Deborah Poulton said: “Absolutely disgusting and barbaric.

“If this was at my child’s school, I’d keeping them off until the decision was reversed.”

Other Echo Facebook users said this would increase “anxiety” among the students.

Shanie Knight said: “Absolutely ridiculous.

“What a time to be a child.

“No wonder so many kids have anxiety and hate school.

“Even when they ask to go, the majority of the time they are not given permission.”

Val Byers added: “This will cause a lot of toilet anxiety issues.”

However, there was one teacher who defend the decision.

Rebecca Saunders wrote: “Unless they have a medical problem, I don’t see an issue.

“I teach primary school aged children and don’t allow them to go to the toilet during lesson time. As a teacher I can’t just pop out for a wee.”

When Castle View School was asked about the gates, headteacher Steve Durkin, said: “Pupils are able to access all toilets before school, break times and after school.

“If a pupil requires access to the toilet during lesson time, they request a pass from their teacher and are allowed access.”