Eco activists have lost at life and want to make the rest of us suffer

Environmental protesters spray Stonehenge with orange powder paint, in Wiltshire, Britain, June 19, 2024
Silly season is upon us as Just Stop Oil activists stage another stunt – and this time Stonehenge is the victim - Reuters

The late Lord Arran introduced two Bills in the House of Lords. One was the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, which legalised homosexuality. The other was for the protection of badgers. Lord Arran later complained that while the chamber had been full during the reading of the first Bill, few had taken an interest in the second. To which someone is alleged to have replied, “There aren’t any badgers in the House of Lords.” How things have changed.

There are still no badgers in the Lords; though who knows what will happen under Sir Keir’s proposals for that chamber. Starmer has said he is pro-badger, so they appear to enjoy increasing support. The UK Badger Trust has issued a 2024 election manifesto. It calls on the major political parties to “restore nature now”. This presumably means no more bypasses. I remember the Newbury bypass furore of 1996, which was also caused by the badger constituency. Work was suspended because badgers were using setts on the line of the new road.

The Newbury Badgerites distributed a handbook to their supporters, which offered a less than encouraging insight into their views on the humble road-builder. It ran thus: “Encircle his machine. He’ll soon get bored and start to read The Sun.” As far as I know, there have been no surveys on the reading habits of road-builders. There is nothing to suggest that they do not read The Telegraph, but the Newbury protesters had them reading The Sun. There was something rather sneering and unpleasant in this, as there are in the current prejudices of eco activists.

For all you dozers out there, the deranged hooligans from Just Stop Oil defaced Stonehenge with tangerine powder yesterday while Extinction Rebellion is upon us once more.

It recently consciously coupled with Hollywood’s finest in a protest against “man-made climate change” in New York’s Times Square, encouraged by the We’re All Going To Die brigade of weathermen. An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for the central and eastern US, where temperatures are being described as “lethal”. British holidaymakers have been told to prepare for another summer of “record-breaking” temperatures in Europe, where more spine-chilling cautions have been issued by our globalist duennas.

How can we stop weather hyperbole and the constant blaming of “climate change” on capitalism? For one thing, the climate hasn’t changed. It was just as hot in the Middle Ages. Monastic chronicles under the reign of Edward IV record people “cooking food on cobblestones”; while the Tudors wilted, letting prisoners out of the Tower because of temperatures in London. The summer of 1524 was noted as “intolerably hot” in the Annals of Dublin. “Many expired.”

Aside from their ignorance, the greatest fault of the climate change lot is the contempt in which they hold the rest of us. One has the feeling that most of them would like to chuck it all in and live on a pig farm in the Andes. But they cannot, so they make our lives as unhappy as possible. Accordingly, they make a feature of insisting that the cultural habits of man should make way for biodiversity. Man is Bad and Nature is Good. Hippy days are here again.

Old ideas are not necessarily the best. Naturalists may quote in their support such varied and weighty sources as Romantics Rousseau, Shelley and d’Holbach. The Romantic movement was really a rehearsal for Flower Power. Rousseau and d’Holbach had long hair and resembled members of one of those 1960s pop groups like The Byrds. D’Holbach may actually have been the inventor of Flower Power. There is a passage in his Système de la nature, published in 1770: “Come back, runaway child…..Restored to nature, to yourself, scatter flowers along the road of life.”

No sensible person would wish to be restored to nature. Much of nature, until refined and moulded by the artifice of man, is not a very pretty sight. Deprived of the veneer of a Poussin or Fragonard idyll, it can be deeply unpleasant. More false claims are made for the country than are made by a pimp for a one-legged whore. One may ask, what is wrong with cities, apart from the fact that most were built by white men? The word “civilised”, after all, is from the Latin civilis, which means pertaining to a city. “Urbane” is derived from urbs, again a city. And where does the term “village idiot” come from?

The worship of nature makes idiots out of its proponents, and unsavoury idiots at that. Friends of the Earth has referred to “Earth rapists”. What of the rapists of women? In the protesters’ strange order of priorities, one has to assume that they no longer matter. The most fervent supporters of nature have held dubious moral views. Rousseau, for example, came up with the idea of the noble savage. But there is nothing noble about savagery.

Rousseau fathered a series of illegitimate children and gave them away as foundlings. He was also an early communist who believed in the abolition of private property. It is views like these that have given intellectual credibility to tyrants. The young who were to make Hitler’s Germany lit their campfires and communed with nature. The Führer was entranced by Wagnerian landscapes, while Goering, who was obsessed with biodiversity and hated hot weather, would have been a hero to Extinction Rebellion. Someone tell that to the Greta goblin person.