From Ed Balls Gangnam Style to Game Of Thrones: Caitlin Moran talks us through her BAFTA Must See Telly Moments

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Writer and columnist Caitlin Moran was on the panel picking the shortlist for Must See Moment of the year and this week we caught up with her to hear how they whittled it down to these six mega telly moments.

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Moment 1: Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards

Caitlin says: “When I first reviewed Game Of Thrones I gave it the biggest kicking. But what I didn’t realise was that it’s a massive arc – yes the women start off being massively screwed over but then they take power from men, and it shows how women can take power from men. It’s so ambitious; there’s no other show like it. It shows you rival gangs, a whole world of clashing civilisations, how ideas and leaders get wiped out – how foolish leaders can rise to the top. If you are a political journalist working here or in the US and you have to have watched Game of Thrones it’s going to be very difficult for you to write about the current situation – it gives you every political metaphor you could ever need.”

Moment 2: Strictly Come Dancing: Ed Balls’ Gangnam Style

Caitlin says: “When Ed Balls said he was going to do Strictly everyone thought he was just a bit of an attention seeker who needed to pay his rent. And then, in that dance, we realised it takes, ironically, balls of STEEL to be a former politician, a very clever man – and go on and do that. To wear that ludicrous shiny suit and ride that woman’s face like a pony just showed he genuinely gives no f*cks. At that point, I thought he really could now reenter politics and have people’s respect. Ed Balls did the noblest thing of all and absolutely sacrificed his dignity to make other people happy.”

Moment 3: The Late Late Show: Carpool Karaoke Michelle Obama

Caitlin says: “Sometimes my husband and I do Michelle and Barrack Obama role play from his inauguration when he said ‘And I want to thank the love of my life, Michelle Obama’, it still turns me on. But yes, carpool Karaoke is such a simple and brilliant idea – it’s a format that works with someone like James Corden who is just pure sunshine. As long as there are interesting people in the world people will still want to watch it. I have a list of about twenty people – I want to see Stephen Hawking do it, I want to see the cast of Star Wars, I want to see Liza Minelli do it.”

Moment 3: Line of Duty: Urgent Exit Required

Caitlin says: “Being on the panel ruined this one for me, because I hadn’t seen it and suddenly everyone was talking about it, that’s the sacrifice I have made for BAFTA – having the whole of Line of Duty ruined for me. And this moment was so surprising; no one saw it coming – an amazing piece of script writing that I will never experience.”

Moment 4: Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase

Caitlin says: “The skill that goes into that show is incredible – it would have taken hundreds and hundreds of hours to capture that footage, and it plays like a drama: it’s cartoon funny, it’s incredibly dramatic – you picked sides, we were as moved by it dramatically as we would be by something like Game of Thrones.”

Moment 5: Who Do You Think You Are: Danny Dyer’s Origins

Caitlin says: “I’ve always liked Danny Dyer since his review of the whole 9/11 situation which still remains the greatest thing – ‘I still can’t believe them slags crashed them planes into those buildings” – and just when you think that he can’t say anything better than that it turns out he does a whole show of saying things exactly like that. And then the twist that he is, in fact, related to royalty? Well, that is all I need in my television.”

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