Ed Balls lands his own BBC show following Strictly success

Camilla Turner
Ed Balls became the unlikely star of Strictly Come Dancing - Getty Images Contributor

He became the unlikely star of Strictly Come Dancing, winning legions of fans with his eccentric dance routines.

Now Ed Balls, the former Labour MP, has landed his very own BBC show which follows him on a journey around America’s Deep South to meet Donald Trump's voters.

The three-part BBC Two series, Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls, will see the ex-Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer dance, wrestle and visit shooting ranges with supporters of the US President.

“I’m travelling to Trump land to meet his supporters. It’s dangerous to start from the assumption that voters are wrong,” he says in the trailer.

“Can you see the world through their eyes rather than yours?” One Trump supporter explains: “I think he’s awesome”, while another adds: “We were heading into the pitts of socialism, don’t you know?”

Mr Balls, who is married to the Labour MP Yvette Cooper, lost his seat in the 2015 election to Andrea Jenkyns  of the Conservative Party.

The former Labour MP  became a surprise hit on the show

Since quitting politics, he has taken part in a number of entertainment shows. In 2016, he took part in The Great Sport Relief Bake Off as well as the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

He became a surprise hit on the show, winning the support of the public as he lasted ten weeks in the BBC One competition. Other politicians to have graced the floor in the past include Ann Widdecombe and Edwina Currie.  

He was partnered with Katya Jones, a Russian professional dancer, and won plaudits for his array of dance moves from salsa to Gangnam Style. Writing for the Telegraph last year, he said that his wife had encouraged him to agree to take part in the show.

“She said I might as well get fit, lose weight and do something entirely out of my comfort zone instead,” Mr Balls wrote.

“There were ground rules, though: namely, I would not be wearing anything spangly, anything tight, and I would categorically not be getting a fake tan.

“Before Strictly, my dancing experience amounted to some late-night jiggling at parties. I don’t wish I’d trained more beforehand – part of the point is for the audience to see how you can improve from scratch.”