Ed Miliband says his one regret as Labour leader was eating THAT bacon sandwich

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

In an alternate universe, Ed Miliband is Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn is nothing more than a veteran backbencher.

The former Labour leader was supposed to topple David Cameron in the 2015 General Election and become the new PM, according to the polls.

However, no one was more stunned than Ed himself when Labour lost and he did the honourable thing and resigned.

Ed Miliband regrets his infamous bacon sandwich moment (Rex)

His election campaign was hit with one or two gaffes – but none more memorable than when he tried to eat a bacon sandwich.

The pictures showed Ed awkwardly trying to eat the breakfast treat in front of the cameras, with some people blaming it for the point that Labour lost the election.

Asked if there was anything he regretted about his time as Labour leader, he joked to The Guardian: “The bacon sandwich.”

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However, Ed doesn’t think it was the sole reason that Labour lost – and Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May becoming PM as a result.

He added: “I think it can be overdone, the bacon sandwich. Maybe the bacon was overdone – hahahah!

“To say that was the reason we lost the election, I just don’t buy it. It was more complicated than that.”

Ed said he won’t do reality shows for now (Rex)

Ed has gone on to become something of a Twitter star since quitting – although he has no plans to venture into the murky world of light entertainment.

Asked whether he would follow his former shadow chancellor Ed Balls onto Strictly Come Dancing, he said: “Mmmm, not really. I think if I went on Strictly, it would make the bacon sandwich look like an elegant piece of style.

“It’s a slightly different situation – I’m an MP, he’s not.”

And with that decision, the world is a sadder place.

Top pic: Rex