Ed Oliver doesn't like to wear pants and there's a good reason why

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There’s a good chance that Houston’s Ed Oliver will go No. 1 at next year’s NFL draft.

But while the huge Houston defensive lineman will likely be wearing a designer suit as he crosses the stage to shake Roger Goodell’s hand, don’t expect him to like it.

Oliver’s thighs are so massive that he has trouble finding pants that fit comfortably, which means the 6-3, 291-pound one-man wrecking crew has developed a healthy distaste for slacks.

“The pants have to be two sizes bigger, maybe even three,”  Oliver told Pete Thamel during the first episode of the Yahoo Sports College Podcast. “But then the waist is too big. So it’s really just a big hassle. Most of the time I get the pants with the stretchy material.”

Thamel describes Oliver’s thighs as “sequoias attached to his body” and it’s not far off. Their sheer mass means that Oliver prefers to wear shorts in almost every situation.

Thankfully he lives in Houston where such a thing is possible for most of the year.

“Shorts are more comfortable. You slide ’em on, you slide ’em off,” Oliver said. “You don’t have to worry about your thighs, you don’t have to worry about heat. Whoever made shorts, I thank you.”

Oliver was the first guest on the Yahoo Sports College Podcast

The Yahoo Sports College Podcast made its debut on Wednesday with hosts Thamel, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde. Oliver will go down in history as the show’s first guest and his appearance did not disappoint. The charismatic lineman discussed a wide array of topics from his love for riding horses (really) to college football changing its rules on his account to why he said his junior season would be his last before he even played a snap this fall.

“I think the fans and people of Houston deserve honesty out of me and I’m going to give that to them,” Oliver said.

The Yahoo Sports College Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you download podcasts. For an additional taste of what you can expect, check out Wetzel, Thamel and Forde talking about two of the week’s big issues in the videos below.

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