Ed Sheeran fan drops to one knee during concert to propose to partner

Fans at an Ed Sheeran concert earlier this month were moved when they saw a man drop to one knee mid song to propose to his girlfriend.

Andrew Gunning, 35, was shaking with nerves as he listened to popstar Ed Sheeran belt out his song, 'Overpass Graffiti', during his concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on June 12.

Dropping to one knee during the final chorus of the song, Andy pulled out a ring and proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Tanya Preen, 33, who was dancing in front of him, totally unaware before he tapped her shoulder.

Andy sang along to Sheeran's last chorus to his shocked girlfriend, serenading her with the lyrics 'I will always love you for what it's worth' before asking her to marry him.

Despite Andy's nerves, the proposal was a success as an emotional Tanya quickly hugged her shaking boyfriend, kissed him and accepted the ring onto her finger.

Sales account manager Andy, who lives in Crewe and shares an eight-and-a-half month old son Teddy with community care worker Tanya, said: "We were both already Ed Sheeran fans - Tanya more than me - but we definitely bonded more through his music and even named our son Teddy.

"From the day we started dating, I have been sending Tanya songs and creating a playlist with the aim for it to be played throughout our wedding day. The playlist is dominated by Ed Sheeran songs.

"I decided to propose at the concert because, although I know Tanya isn't a fan of being the centre of attention in large crowds, I knew I wouldn't be able to organise something special without Tanya getting suspicious that I was planning to propose so I bit the bullet and took a gamble.

"I was absolutely bricking it, partly because I have loved Tanya from literally the very first moment I laid eyes on her, and partly because I was worried that the proposal wouldn't be good enough for what I feel she deserves.

"She is always putting everyone else first and you only get one opportunity to propose to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

"I think the crazy reaction to the video being posted online of the proposal has made me feel a lot better now - it couldn't have came off any better if I tried without Ed Sheeran himself seeing it and acknowledging it in front of everyone."

Fellow Ed Sheeran fan Georgia Kincaid, 25, had travelled from Derby to Manchester for the concert and happened to end up next to the happy couple at the gig.

After chatting with Andy when Tanya visited the bathroom, Georgia found out his plans to propose and helped him pick the perfect song to pop the question during.

She filmed the special moment for the couple and made sure to track down the newly engaged pair after the concert to share the video with them.

Georgia said: "Me and my friend queued up super early to guarantee that when we were let inside, we’d be at the very front.

"Naturally, we got chatting to the people around us with one of them being Andy.

"While Tanya had gone to the toilet or to get a drink, he said he planned to propose to Tanya, but wasn’t sure which song to do it to.

"I showed him the set list and he didn’t want to do it to the typical 'Thinking Out Loud' or 'Perfect' so he chose 'Overpass Graffiti'. That's how I knew when to start secretly filming over my shoulder so Tanya couldn’t see!

"It just brings such a smile to your face when something beautiful like that happens in front of your eyes!

"Everyone around was so excited and cheering and tried to get Ed Sheeran's attention but his rotating stage meant he couldn’t see as he was on the opposite side at the time.

"I'm just so, so happy for them both and we have all kept in touch since."

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