Ed Sheeran tattoos Roman Kemp – and makes a HUGE mistake

Has anyone got the Tattoo Fixers phone number?

Capital FM presenter Roman Kemp might be their next client as he entrusted Ed Sheeran with the task of inking his skin, with disastrous results, when he dropped into the radio station on Wednesday.

Ed Sheeran tattooed Capital FM presenter Roman Kemp in the studio (Copyright: Instagram/Roman Kemp)

The Shape of You singer, who has become renowned for his impressive body art collection, tattooed his name on the radio host’s leg – but made a huge, and permanent, blunder.

Taking to Instagram, Roman shared a snap of him looking mortified, as well as another close-up image of the tattoo, which reads: “Ed woz ere 2k7,” shaving a decade off the current date.

In the caption, the 24-year-old, who is the son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, wrote to his 54.7k followers: “What the actual f*** has he done?”

An ink-redible mistake: Ed stamped Roman’s leg with the wrong date (Copyright: Instagram/Roman Kemp)

Unhesitant in echoing the same sentiment, fans were quick to point out the error, with one questioning: “2k7 or 2k17??”

As another wrote: “What have you done?”

And one pointed out: “He’s put 2k7 meaning 2007 haha,” while another user added: “I’d be more stressed about the wonky handwriting.”

Tattoo mistakes aside, Ed recently revealed some exciting details about one of his other showbiz pals (who is thankfully not due to go under his tattoo gun anytime soon).

Lucky Ed has had an exclusive taster of Harry Styles’ debut solo album (Copyright: Anthony Ghnassia/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock)

The singer-songwriter opened up about Harry Styles’ first-ever independent release after listening to an exclusive sample, hinting that the former One Direction star’s record could be out sooner than we think.

“I’ve heard a little bit,” he told Heat magazine. “It really shows him off as an artist and a singer, which is what it was always going to be.

“I can’t say too much about it as it’s not my project, and I’ve got no idea when it’s coming out. It’s quality.”

We suppose we’ll just have to trust you on that one, Ed.

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