Eddie Izzard clears up her pronouns and says 'no one can really get it wrong'

Eddie Izzard has confirmed her preferred names and pronouns.

In a social media post on Thursday (1 June), the comedian, actor and activist reiterated she would rather be called "Suzy", a name that she had wanted to be called since she was 10.

The post said: "As people may now well know, I have added the name 'Suzy' to my names.

"So going forward I am preferring Suzy but I don't mind Eddie. And I prefer she/her but I don't mind he/him.

"So no one can really get it wrong unless they call me Kenneth or Sabrina. I am remaining Eddie Izzard in public."

The comic also thanked her fans and signed off the message as "Suzy/Eddie."

Izzard was met with support from fans, as people praised the star for stepping forward and speaking up.

One user wrote on Twitter: "As long as you remain talented, people will keep calling you, whatever name you choose. Appreciate the clarification, though. Onward to the next gig."

Another user celebrated the star and said: "You've taught my daughter more world history than all of her public school years combined. We love you Suzy. We'll call you whatever you want us to."

The aspiring politician also announced her new name earlier this year at a recording of The Political Party podcast with host Matt Forde.

"I prefer to see she/her, I don't mind he/him … I'm Eddie," she said.

"There's another name I'm going to add in as well, which is Suzy, which I wanted to be since I was 10. I'm going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard."

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In 2017, the 61-year-old spoke to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview about coming out and the challenges she faced in her career and personal life.

She added: "If you are coming out as transgender or gay or lesbian, it's such a tough rite of passage and quest. It assaults your senses because, back in '85, everyone said, 'No, no. Hide about it.' I just thought they were all wrong. The humiliation period, the initial period, is so tough. If you keep at it, it gets better."

The actor also spoke about her take on cisgender actors playing transgender roles.

She said: "I am essentially transgender. I have boy mode and girl mode. I do feel I have boy genetics and girl genetics. I have played one transgender character. I will play hopefully more transgender roles in the future, but there are a lot of boy genetics in me so I am happy to play boy roles."

Izzard had first spoken up about her pronouns back in 2020 and was praised by fans.

Speaking on the Portrait Artist of the Year TV show at the time, Izzard told contestant Chris Holder: "This is the first programme I've asked if I can be 'she' and 'her' - this is a little transition period."

She said, "it feels very positive.

"I just want to be based in girl mode from now on."