Edinburgh cobbler gets mysterious order just days before Taylor Swift gig

Les (left) and Alan (right)
-Credit: (Image: Les McBride)

An Edinburgh cobbler had an unexpected order ahead of Taylor Swift's massive three-day stint in the city.

Gorgie Cobblers were asked to repair a collection of boots just a day before Taylor Swift's Eras Tour opened in Murrayfield on Friday.

Les McBride, 63, owns the family-run shop with his wife Angie. On Wednesday, June 5, they got a mysterious call asking if they could repair six pairs of boots in time for Friday.

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A man arrived, who Les reckons was from Taylor Swift's team, and presented the boots in a 'fancy suitcase'. Les explained that while the man failed to disclose who they were for - his colleague Alan quickly figured it out.

Les told Edinburgh Live: "We got a phone call on Wednesday asking for boots to be repaired for the next day. It was a quick job but we said no problem. Someone came in with a fancy suitcase with six pairs of boots in it.

The boots needed new heels and soles -Credit:Gorgie Cobblers

"I thought maybe it was for a play or a band because they were all the same style. But I remember the suitcase being really fancy and I asked the guy who they were for. He said he couldn't say anything because he had signed an NDA. I didn't really give it a second thought.

"It was my day off on Thursday and Alan, who also works here, started repairing them. They needed new heels and soles. I came in and Alan said he noticed there were names written inside the shoes. He did a bit of googling and sure enough, they were the names of Taylor Swift's backing singers.

"On Thursday, the guy came back. He seemed surprised we knew who they were for but was happy we found out for ourselves and was delighted with Alan’s work.

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"He paid and went away. The next day he came back with three more boots. They were going to her Liverpool gig this weekend.

"To be honest, I don't pay much attention to Taylor Swift but I was chuffed and it was a nice wee talking point. This isn't the first time we've repaired shoes for the rich and famous though."

Les continued: "We've had shoes from Bono, Alex from Franz Ferdinand, shoes from Charles Burchill from Simple Minds, and the Proclaimers. My father even had shoes from the Queen Mother to repair back in the 1960s."