Edinburgh dad 'forced to abandon car on bypass' and walk with young child

-Credit: (Image: Jason Beacham)

An Edinburgh dad says he was forced to abandon his car after he was stuck on the city bypass.

Jason Beacham was stranded after torrential rain triggered flooding, with drivers trapped on the busy road.

The 49-year-old, from Swanston, says he was driving home from The Gyle shopping centre with his seven-year-old daughter when he found himself in gridlock on the bypass.

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As he tried to manoeuver into another lane, he said another driver knocked into the side of his car. Jason said he saw the driver on her phone before she rolled her car forward.

Following that ordeal, on May 23, the dad-of-one was forced to abandon his car after running out of fuel and made his way home on foot with his daughter.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, he explained: "I was coming back from the Gyle at around 4.30pm. The traffic was nose-to-tail, and there was no movement. At around 6pm, I got to the Wester Hailes junction heading eastbound and I was on the inside lane where the traffic was static. On the other lane, I noticed it was moving slightly, so I turned my wheels to edge forward.

"I looked over my right shoulder and could see the driver of a white car with her phone in front of her face, and as I was waiting for a gap, she rolled forward and hit the side of my car.

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"I had my daughter in the car and she got a fright. The crash wasn't that bad, but it was a loud bang and it upset her. It was unnerving because I got out of the car to speak to the driver, told her to get off her phone, and also wanted to make sure my daughter was okay.

"There were so many cars, but no one came to see if we were okay.

"The crash could have been worse, and these things happen. But the driver is trying to blame me when my car was static. It's shoddy."

The 49-year-old explained that he swapped details with the driver and he is now calling out for members of the public with dash cam footage, who were near the Wester Hailes junction at 6pm that day.

He continued: "By this point, around 7pm, I was running out of fuel. I phoned the police and they told me to make my way onto the hard shoulder and then I had to push my car onto the gravel. The only people who offered to help were these two old women. They offered to steer the car while I pushed it up the lane.

"Me and my daughter ended up having to walk home in the pouring rain. We got in at around 9pm."

Jason's car was sent to the garage for repairs and he picked it up early Monday afternoon (June 3).

He is urging anyone with dash-cam footage to get in touch.