Edinburgh runner brands half marathon 'shambles' as participants left to 'queue in rain'

Runners had to queue for "some time" in pouring rain while exiting
-Credit: (Image: Alex Orr)

Runners taking part in the Edinburgh half marathon on Sunday have branded it a "shambles" after being left to "queue in pouring rain".

Participants reported issues with collecting luggage that had been transferred to Musselburgh and left in the rain, which was then picked up "soaking". Runners set off from Potterow, with bags of personal belongings transported to the finish line in East Lothian by organisers.

Some also claimed the end of the race was a "bit of a shambles" as runners had to "queue for some time in pouring rain". This comes after marathon participants were left disappointed after reaching the end to be told they had run out of medals, t-shirts in certain sizes and other goody bag items.

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One runner, however, said the race was "generally well-organised". Alex Orr, an Edinburgh resident who ran the half marathon, also said people were left standing in their running kit in "not the most clement conditions".

Alex told Edinburgh Live: "I can only talk about the half marathon which was generally well-organised. However, there were issues in terms of people's luggage transferred to Musselburgh lying out in the rain prior to collection and therefore picked up soaking.

"Other ones have had luggage collected directly from truck that brought them, and therefore dry. End was a bit of a shambles in that having to queue for some time in the pouring rain before being able to exit.

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"Not great for people who have just run that distance. There were a few people who clearly hadn't brought anything to put on post event standing there in their running kit in not the most clement conditions. That said, unlike the marathon there did appear to be enough medals."

Organisers of the EMF, that also put on a full marathon, 10K, 5K and children's events at the weekend, have since responded to participants. Taking to social media, one runner who ran the half marathon, said: "Amazing to finish but can’t believe they didn’t order enough medals."

Another said: "I was told at the end no medals… six hours 12 minutes complete time. Exhausted and disappointed. I asked how to get a medal, I was told it was down to me to contact the organisers. That is extremely poor after putting blood sweat and tears into it."

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A runner complained: "If they knew they had ordered X number of medals and accepted entries for more than that number why have they waited till tonight to make a "special order". More feedback I read gladder I am that I was only spectating today."

It is understood that some runners have also been told to go onto their portal on the My Running app to contact the organisers. In an email to participants, EMF apologised and said they 'didn't get the numbers quite right'.

They have made a 'special order' and expect to receive the extra medals by June and will post them to the participants eagerly waiting.

Organisers of Edinburgh Marathon Festival have been contacted for further comment.