Edinburgh Weather: Taylor Swift fans could be drenched during final Murrayfield gig

Taylor Swift fans braved the cold on Friday
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

Grammy award-winning Taylor Swift could have her first rain show in Edinburgh, according to BBC Weather.

It's proving to be a cruel summer for Swifties in Edinburgh as many have complained about how cold it gets during the evening and are warning fans to take a jumper for Sunday night - but they now might need a raincoat.

While The Eras Tour has stayed clear of rain so far in the city, BBC Weather is forecasting showers and a gentle breeze throughout the evening.

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This comes after fans waiting outside in the morning on Friday were hit with heavy rain. Luckily it dried up later in the afternoon and it was clear skies for the first two shows.

According to BBC Weather light showers and sunny intervals are expected to hit Edinburgh from 7pm until 1am- and the Lover singer is expected to come on stage at around 7.15pm.

As Murrayfield Stadium does not have a roof not all ticket holders will be happy with this. However, some Swifties have said that 'rain shows' are often some of Taylor Swift's best.

Before she headed to the UK, the Lover singer celebrated that her last concert in Lyon, France gave her the first 'rain show' of the European leg.

Taking to Instagram she said: "Merci, Lyon!!

“We loved playing for you, dancing with you, and singing with you in the rain!

“Yep we had our first official RAIN SHOW of the European leg of The Eras Tour!!”

“Loved every minute of both shows."