Edinburgh Zoo chimpanzee tragically dies after vicious fight with troop

Rene passed away last week following an altercation
-Credit: (Image: Edinburgh Zoo)

A popular chimpanzee at Edinburgh Zoo has tragically died after a fight broke out between its troop.

Zookeepers attempted to break up the altercation between the wild animals, however, 31-year-old Rene's injuries were too severe.

Another chimpanzee named Qafzeh also sustained injuries during the incident and was forced to undergo an operation. Experts at the zoo said fights are common amongst chimps around breeding time as females come into season and males challenge for dominance in the group.

Edinburgh Zoo announced Rene's death on Facebook.

The tragic post read: "We’re sad to share the news that Rene, one of our chimpanzees, sadly passed away last week after an altercation within the troop.

"Chimp group dynamics are incredibly complex and Rene, who was 31-years-old, was part of a fight which broke out within the troop. This type of behaviour occurs in the wild, especially around breeding time when females are in season and when males are challenging for dominance of the group.

"Our expert keepers did everything they could to separate the fight and keep the rest of the troop safe, but sadly Rene’s injuries were severe. Qafzeh also sustained injuries and after a surgical operation is doing well and is gradually being reintroduced to the group.

"Rene was a huge personality and will be missed by those who cared for him."

Edinburgh Zoo is home to 14 chimps and they are housed in the Budongo Trail enclosure which is 'designed to stimulate the chimps to use and show natural physical, social and mental behaviours that would be observed in the wild'.

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