Edinburgh Zoo names endangered baby monkeys after Taylor Swift ahead of Eras Tour

Edinburgh Zoo has celebrated the arrival of Taylor Swift in the Scottish capital by naming two newborn monkeys after the superstar.

Swift is set to perform three nights at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium between Friday and Sunday as part of her record-breaking Eras Tour. To honour the occasion, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has revealed that two critically endangered baby cotton-top tamarins twins at the zoo have been named 'Taylor' and 'Swift'.

First-time mum Elf gave birth to the tiny monkeys on June 4. Including dad Zecca, Edinburgh Zoo is now home to four cotton-top tamarins.

Primate team leader at Edinburgh Zoo Lorna Hughes commented: "It is incredibly exciting to welcome our newborn cotton-top tamarin twins, Taylor and Swift. Unfortunately, the species is one of the most endangered primates in the world due to extensive habitat loss, so this birth is really special.

"Both parents will take turns caring for the youngsters, carrying them on their back for the first few months of their lives before they become more independent at around five months old."

Cotton-top tamarins are classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. It is estimated that there are just 2,000 remaining in the wild.

Edinburgh Zoo cotton-top tamarins
Edinburgh Zoo is now home to four cotton-top tamarins: mum Elf, dad Zecca, and twins Taylor and Swift -Credit:RZSS

The species is found in small and forested areas of North-western Columbia. Cotton-top tamarins usually give birth to twins, with newborns being approximately just 10 centimetres long from head to tail and weighing around only 42 grams.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh Zoo is offering Taylor Swift fans attending the Murrayfield Eras Tour shows 25 per cent off zoo admission tickets between Friday and Sunday. More information can be found on the Edinburgh Zoo website.

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