Editor-Approved Packing Lists for a Quick Summer Getaway

These are the go-to GAP looks three PEOPLE editors are bringing

Summer is just around the corner, which means the days are getting hotter and the sun is setting later. For many of us, it also means looking forward to a few quick escapes from reality in the form of weekend getaways.

For PEOPLE’s Andrea Lavinthal, Janine Rubenstein and Leah Wyar, leaving town for a weekend sometimes requires packing for the whole family — a feat made easier thanks to GAP’s chic new arrivals. Here’s what they’re  adding to their suitcases this summer.

Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director

On summer weekends, you can usually find Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal and her family soaking up the sun on a beach along the Jersey Shore.

When packing for these getaways, Lavinthal tends to opt for easy-to-wear staples from GAP. “My summer style is breezy and bright,” she says. “I’m all about lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, and trading in my typical neutral color palette for a more vibrant one.” This year, Lavinthal is packing a colorful mix of capsule essentials she can swap into any outfit, day or night: “Packing for something special makes me feel like I’m manifesting a babysitter so I can go out on a date night.”

When it comes to the rest of the family, Lavinthal prioritizes practicality. “For my daughter, who is 4, I pack lots of cute sundresses and triple the number of bottoms I think I’ll need,” she explains, noting that the focus for her son is on GAP’s variety of mix-and-match separates and swim shorts. “GAP is a one-stop shop for literally everything and everyone in my house,” she says. “My orders are always at least a dozen items long — I’m a longtime GAP card member and I put those reward points to work.” 

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Andrea Lavinthal’s breezy, family-friendly packing list:

Janine Rubenstein, Editor-at-Large

“This summer, my family and I are going for ‘classically fun,’ pairing clean and crisp patterns with bright and beautiful pieces from GAP,” explains Editor-at-Large Janine Rubenstein. “GAP knows what it means to merge great style with comfort, affordability and the cool factor.”

Rubenstein’s take on summer style means that for her family vacation to Mexico, she’s filling her suitcase with a mix of vibrant dresses and elevated essentials. “For date night, I like to go a little more bold, sleek and sexy, so a colorful and form-fitting tube dress is an easy and effective go-to,” she says. For days by the water, she opts for lighter pieces like linen pants. “The warmer it gets, the lighter, brighter and more effortless I like to dress,” she explains. 

For her two young kids, Rubenstein prefers lightweight dresses and shorts sets, keeping in mind the bold and bright look she loves. “I think joy never goes out of style — and the world could use more of it,” she explains.

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Janine Rubenstein’s joy-filled summer packing list: 

Leah Wyar, President, Entertainment, Beauty & Style Group

For Leah Wyar, president of the Entertainment, Beauty & Style Group, weekend getaways often take place in the mountains of Pennsylvania — but her GAP-filled wardrobe largely remains the same regardless of where she is.

“My summer style inspo is ‘90s minimalism,” Wyar says. “Everything gets drapy-er, gauzier and beachier, and I also tend to dress a little younger.” She loves to wear smocked dresses, sweatshirts and breezy button downs styled with wide leg jeans, crop tops and sweats — though as a style rule she always makes sure to add some structure. “It’s a challenge to want that loose feeling but have it still read stylish, so pairing the silhouette with the right fitted pieces that can ground it all with structure and shape is key,” she explains. 

Wyar turns to GAP to fill more than just her own suitcase. She loves the nostalgic feeling she gets from dressing her son and daughter in GAP clothes. “In 2023, GAP is the epitome of relevancy,” she explains. “It’s trendy enough for me and my kids, while building upon the classic baseline we know and love.”

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Leah Wyar’s classic, ‘90s-chic packing list: 

Find the perfect outfits for every summer getaway at GAP. 

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