Edmonton Woman Crafts 'Ever Given'-Inspired Halloween Costume

An Edmonton-based radio host and comedian posed along the North Saskatchewan river to show off her creative Halloween costume, an homage to the Ever Given, the 1,312-foot-long container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in Egypt for six days in March.

In this viral video, Lauren Hunter models her homemade ‘Everstuck,’ pretending to jam into the rocks as the ship runs aground.

Speaking to Storyful, Hunter said that it took her over 60 hours to create the costume out of Bristol board, wooden dowels, chicken wire, and foam. The “shipping containers” are made of 600 kitchen sponges, cut in half, handpainted, and individually glued.

To complete the look, Hunter added a tiny excavator at the bottom of the ship to emulate the machinery that eventually helped dig the vessel out. Credit: Lauren Hunter via Storyful

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