Eerie disappearance of Brit who vanished off face of Tenerife more than 36 years before Jay Slater

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A British man who vanished more than three decades before the recent disappearance of Jay Slater, but unlike the Lancashire teenager, his story has largely been forgotten.

Ricky D'Cotta, a 23 year old Londoner, embarked on a playboy lifestyle in Tenerife in March 1987 to immerse himself in the eighties club scene, but he never returned home.

He found employment at the Sgt Peppers Disco Pub in the Playa De Las Americas resort. The last contact Ricky had with his family was in October 1987, when he phoned to say he would be returning home soon.

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However, they never heard from him again, reports the Express. Shortly after his disappearance, Mr D'Cotta's passport and a bag were discovered and handed over to the police.

But the trail quickly went cold and without social media, the story faded away, leaving friends and relatives to occasionally place missing persons adverts in newspapers.

There were speculations about what might have happened to him, with reports of sightings of him appearing confused, including being barefoot. There are also suggestions that he may have crossed paths with someone involved in drugs by planning to steal their stash.

Similar theories are being proposed about the missing Jay Slater. In 2001, a Channel 4 documentary titled Looking for Ricky delved into the case and revealed that five unidentified bodies had been discovered on the island around the time of his disappearance.

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The documentary suggested one of these could have been Mr D'Cotta. However, DNA tests using samples from his family proved inconclusive. Jay Slater, 19, is believed to have departed from the NRG music event on Tenerife in a car with two unfamiliar men to a secluded part of the island in the early hours of Monday, June 17, and has since disappeared.

His final communication was with a friend via phone at approximately 8.50am that day, stating he had missed his bus, was without water and had only one per cent battery left on his phone.

He mentioned he was trekking back to his resort, a journey that would have taken roughly ten hours, and has not been spotted since. An extensive search was conducted on the island, but it was halted last Sunday with no sign of Jay.

The responsibility to continue the search now rests with his parents and family. Nonetheless, in this era of social media, it's unlikely that the chatter about what might have happened to Jay will die down as theories continue to circulate across various platforms.

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