Egg prices remain high as Easter approaches

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – With Easter just around the corner, the demand for eggs is up once again.

“Easter is one of the more popular times to purchase eggs so the demand is much higher, and the supply is a little bit lower due to a new outbreak of the bird flu that started in November,” said Dr. Kerri Camp, UT Tyler professor of marketing.

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Just Pies, a busy bakery in Tyler, shared that egg and dairy prices have fluctuated over the past year and a half.

“Really have to shop to find the best deals, there’s some places we just don’t buy from anymore,” Just Pies co-owner Keith Weaver said. “And then there’s always the problem of going to a local store here close to our shop and they [might] not have any eggs at all.”

Experts believe rates will stay high through the holiday.

“The USDA says currently a dozen, white grade-a eggs cost about $2.92 a dozen, that same dozen cost $2.28 a year ago,” said Clinton Griffiths, Today’s AGday Minute.

With Easter baking and dying eggs with the little ones, the rates are impacting families and businesses.

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“Struggling with just being able to get groceries, eggs, as a significant thing in all our recipes, but then there are other products,” Weaver said.

Just Pies has even started shopping for their ingredients outside the state of Texas. But still dealing with the pains of high costs.

“We get charged the delivery fee, the gas fee, and we have to order a bunch of products at one time,” Weaver said.

For now, customers can hunt for coupons and sales until the real Easter egg hunt is on.

There could be improved prices on the horizon. Dr. Camp shared that egg prices should drop in May because that’s when demands are lowest throughout the year.

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