Eiffel Tower Displays Slogans in Solidarity With Iran Protesters

The Eiffel Tower displayed slogans in solidarity with anti-government protesters in Iran on Monday night, January 16, footage shows.

Footage by Morgane Shiva shows the slogans “Femme. Vie. Liberte”, translated as “Woman. Life. Freedom”, as well as “Stop executions in Iran” beamed onto the Paris landmark.

The messages refer to demonstrations in Iran, and subsequent arrests and executions, following the death of Mahsa Amini in September, 2022.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said the display showed Paris’s full support for “Iranians in their fight for their rights and freedom” four months after Amini’s death.

Meanwhile, a reported 12,000 people marched to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday in support of Iran’s anti-government protesters, France24 reported. Credit: Morgane Shiva via Storyful

Video transcript