Eight unique summer jobs that pay students up to £45 per hour

Student tutoring child
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With summer on the way, students across the country are gearing up for a well-deserved break from their studies. However, not all of them plan to kick back and relax just yet.

A significant number of students will be on the hunt for part-time jobs to finance their summer holidays away from secondary school, college or university. Surprisingly, it's not just the usual pub, barista, or supermarket roles that are in demand.

Data gathered by global student accommodation provider, Yugo, reveals that students are seeking out more unique job opportunities this summer. Based on real-time Google search data, here are some of the most sought-after student summer jobs you might not have thought about, along with their average hourly rates - some even pay up to £45 an hour.

Virtual assistant

Searches for virtual assistant roles have skyrocketed by over 5,000% worldwide, indicating a surge in interest for these positions. From arranging appointments and making phone calls to booking travel and managing email accounts, you could earn around £15 per hour, all you need is a laptop and internet access, reports Wales Online.

Pet sitting

What could be better than earning money while spending time with adorable animals? With searches for 'pet sitting near me' also increasing by over 5,000% globally, it seems many agree.

In the UK, pet sitters can expect to earn between £6-£20 per hour depending on the task. Simple tasks like feeding cats while the owner is away will likely pay less, while more demanding activities like dog walking or puppy sitting can command higher rates.

Online tutoring

If you're keen to make a real impact on the lives of those still in education, then online tutoring could be your calling. Searches for online tutoring roles have surged by 80% worldwide and with an average hourly wage of up to £45, it's easy to see the appeal. All that's required is a laptop, internet access and a flexible timetable.

Festival steward

Yes, the hours can be long and you'll be on your feet most of the day, but you'll also pick up invaluable skills, make new friends and get to enjoy some top-notch live music. Festival steward roles typically offer around £13.85 per hour and are usually advertised via specialist events firms.

Delivery driver

Got a car, a driving licence and some free time? You could earn some extra dosh as a delivery driver. Whether you sign up to deliver meals via Uber Eats or Deliveroo or deliver Amazon packages delivery driving is a straightforward yet rewarding side job that can really help keep those bills in check.

The average wage is about £13 an hour, and you can apply easily online provided you have a clean driving record.

Holiday rep

With starting salaries of around £600 per month for seasonal work (including food and accommodation), being a holiday rep is a fantastic way to travel the globe without having to shell out for hefty holiday costs. All you need is a friendly demeanour, a positive outlook, and a readiness to learn.

Mystery shopping

The trend of mystery shopping has taken off on TikTok and Google, with users being paid for simple tasks like reviewing a brand counter at their local Tesco. The average earnings are around £12 per hour, making it an easy way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

Online writing

Another option is online writing. There's a wealth of opportunities in ghostwriting, copywriting, and even AI writing jobs, and you don't need any specific qualifications or experience to get started.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork regularly post new listings, and if you're bilingual, there are even more opportunities available. On average, you could earn about £14.35 an hour.