Ejected Clubber Jailed For 28 Years After Driving Car Onto Packed Dancefloor

Nicola Slawson

A clubber who ploughed his car onto a packed dance floor after being thrown out by bouncers for being too drunk has been jailed for 28 years.

Mohammed Abdul said he felt “humiliated” after being ejected from Blake’s nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, on March 17 last year.

He had drunk at least 15 glasses of vodka, tequila shots and had “five to 10 spliffs” of cannabis before being asked to leave. 

He initially refused to leave and then threatened to kill them before returning 10 minutes later behind the wheel of his Suzuki Vitara.

Video footage shows clubbers attempting to leap out of the way as the vehicle ploughed into the crowd.

The 21-year-old said he only intended to “make a nuisance of himself to get his own back on the door staff”.

However, his actions injured eight people, leaving 18-year-old Katie Wells with a fractured pelvis and cameraman Pierre Jermaine Joseph, who had gone to the club to film grime rapper Giggs, with a fractured shinbone.

A jury found Abdul, of Deptford in south-east London, guilty of two counts of attempted murder at a re-trial at Maidstone Crown Court.

He was handed two concurrent 28-year sentences by Justice Cheema-Grubb on Thursday.

Abdul, who only had a provisional licence for the car, was also disqualified from driving until he passed his test.

The judge, in sentencing, branded his attempts to dodge responsibility “shameful”, telling the court that victims could have easily been killed in the attack and the injuries to Wells could render her infertile.

She said: “It could have been a scene of carnage.You have robbed that young lady of future choices and have also had a profound impact on her psychological health.

“Your motive was selfish and pathetic: it was revenge at being thrown out for being drunk.

“Your action led to panic and distress among dozens of people. Your actions have thrown away many of the best years of your own life.”

Described by the prosecution as a determined and deliberate attempt to kill, using his car as a weapon, the attack was captured on CCTV.

The footage from inside the club showed Abdul driving past bouncers, coursing down an alleyway packed with clubbers before stopping and then accelerating onto the dancefloor in a marquee connected to the venue.

Footage from a camera inside the club shows the vehicle’s front lights getting closer and closer as dancers mingled, unaware the Suzuki was hurtling towards them.

One man could then be seen spread-eagled on the bonnet, lifted off his feet as the Suzuki rammed into him from behind.

Others fled to safety as security guards appeared in hot pursuit of the car, shortly before midnight.

The car then reversed, its registration plate hanging off at an angle, as patrons staggered to get to their feet.

The footage showed some clubbers appearing to swarm the vehicle and showering it with a volley of blows with furniture, while others looked visibly distressed.

Libby Clark, senior crown prosecutor in the CPS South East’s complex casework unit, said: “It was sheer luck that no-one was killed that night, but the impact on those caught up cannot be underestimated.

“Aside from the physical injuries they suffered, they had to experience the nightmare of having a car hurtle towards them with no warning as they were enjoying a night out.”