Elderly Chinese man repeatedly kicks reclining front seat back on train

An elderly man repeatedly kicked a reclining front seat back on a bullet train in central China. Video filmed on a high-speed train travelling through Henan Province on June 25, shows a senior citizen vehemently kicking the seat back of a man, who had reclined his seat. The young man adjusted his seat backwards, only to be met with a swift kick from the disgruntled older passenger seated diagonally behind him. A woman sitting beside the elderly man hastily stood up, attempting to lower the older man's foot. The young man, taken aback, turned around to confront the irate senior: "This is my right. Am I squishing you? What is the matter? You are older, I won't argue with you." Despite this, the older man continued to reprimand the younger one. In response, the younger man retorted, "Your seat is also reclined. Why don't you sit up straight?" The elderly passenger continued to kick the seat in front, dishing out an impressive seven kicks in just a minute. The altercation was finally defused when the train conductor arrived on the scene. The video was provided by local media with permission.