Elderly couple melt hearts on First Dates

Viewers got emotional and reached for tissues last night as they watched old age pensioners John and Lynn enjoy a first date in the famous TV restaurant.


John and Lynn on First Dates (Photo: Channel 4)

We all fell in love with 82-year-old Lynn when she admitted she hadn’t been taken out by a man for over 60 years and declared to the bartender she was a “menace” to the male population before 1956.

Fans of the show then took to Twitter in their droves as they watched the duo - who look like they coule be your nan and grandad - get along and open up about respective their lives.


John, 77, from Milton Keynes, made a heartbreaking admission to Lynn about his wife’s passing two years ago and admitted he had felt lonely ever since.

Lynn, originally from San Francisco, made John laugh and said: “The nice thing about dating at this age is you don’t have to meet the parents.”

It was enough to make emotions spill over on social media.

One tweeted saying simply: “Lynn and John forever xoxoxox”

Another agreed and added: “Awww Lynn and John! There’s hope for all us singletons.”


Fran Rowley wrote: “Lynn and John my heart cannot take it please channel four have an update clip of them having fish and chips.”

Karyn Ryan said: “Wonderful lady with lovely John.”

Viewers will be delighted to hear the pair have met up again for fish and chips in Brighton.