Elderly gran spooked after human skull and bones dumped in her garden by BADGERS

An elderly gran was left spooked after a human skull and bones were dumped in her back garden – by grave-wrecking BADGERS.

Over the last year Ann Mathers, 88, has found a skull along with several femurs as well as jaw and chin bones scattered in her flowerbeds.

The gran, who has lived in the house in Dudley, West Mids., for more than 60 years, was said to be “scared to death” by the grave-robbing critters.

After making the grim discovery last July she called police who initially sealed her home off as a potential crime scene.

Officers then discovered the culprits was a colony of badgers dragging the remains into her garden from a nearby cemetery.

It emerged the animals were getting access to the graveyard via a public footpath running between the cemetery and Ann’s house.

Her family have appealed to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council for help but they can only relocate them when this year’s breeding season is over.

Ann’s daughter Lorraine Lloyd, 60, said: “This problem has been going on for a year now and my mum is just sick of it.

“The badgers are tunnelling under the graves and when they come across one which has collapsed they drag the bones out and dump them in mum’s garden.

“They are basically fly-tipping human remains all over my mum’s lawn and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Ann, whose home backs onto the graveyard at Providence Baptist Church, first noticed bones being left outside her home last year.

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