Elderly woman who crashed into flower show had 'how to drive' instructions on her dashboard

The instructions were visible on her dashboard (SWNS)

An elderly woman who ploughed her car through a packed village flower show had how to drive instructions taped to her dashboard.

Dozens of people were forced to flee for their lives when the blue Toyota RAV4 automatic car careered through the main marque and collided with a stage at the fete.

Nobody was seriously injured during the incident, at the Burnham Market flower show in Norfolk, at the weekend.

Organisers were stunned to find the handwritten note taped to the vehicles dashboard after making sure the un-named, elderly driver was okay.

The note read: “Key in ignition. Foot on brake. Start engine. Gear Lever into D. Foot off brake.”

The note has basic instructions on driving (SWNS)
The elderly woman crashed into the busy village flower show (SWNS)

Dr Diana Black, 53, secretary of the Burnham’s Flower Show and Carnival, Norfolk, said: “It was like a terrorist incident. It was absolutely terrible.

“It was an accident, but when I saw that note I was in disbelief and started to feel angry – if you need written instructions, surely you shouldn’t be driving.”

She added: ”We were astonished and hugely relieved that there were no fatalities or serious injuries but it was very distressing that all time and effort of the contestants who had entered the competitions in the marquee was virtually ruined.

“There could’ve been fatalities or serious injuries but miraculously there wasn’t.

“We were also sorry that the locals and visitors were deprived of the main part of what is normally a wonderful and important community event.”

Thankfully nobody was severely injured in the collision (SWNS)

Diana said the elderly female driver apologised and was shaken up when she got out of the car.

Eyewitness Annette Lowe, 50, who had been in the tent, said: “We heard an almighty bang, I turned around and saw this car going through the stage, I just looked on in utter bewilderment.

“Although the car was going fast, everything else felt like it was moving in slow motion.”

The incident happened around 11.30am on Saturday at the event in Burnham Market, Norfolk, when around 12 people were in the tent at the time of the incident and around 30 people were setting up the show.

Treasurer Laurence Rubin is reported to have been knocked over by the car and was treated for minor injuries.

Dr Black said a few people sustained minor injuries for which she had assisted the paramedics who were called to the scene immediately.

Norfolk Police are investigating what happened and considering what action to take, if any.

Inspector Lou Provart said on Twitter: “A traffic offence report has been completed and will be submitted for consideration of any offences based on the facts gathered at scene, including the note.”