Elderly Woman On Mobility Scooter Receives Police Escort Home… At 6mph

A woman on a mobility scooter was given a police escort after she got lost and ended up on a busy highway.
State trooper Dave Hintz spent 70 minutes driving slowly behind the elderly lady, who was in her 80s, to make sure she found her way home.

The elderly driver was police escorted home to safety.
The elderly driver was police escorted home to safety.

She had taken a four-mile detour after a wrong turn and ended up on a busy main road near the city of Lynden in Washington state.
The officer made her pull over into a layby to get her off the main road. As he did so, he reported into his police radio: "There's no licence plate. She's in a... little... cart."
After discovering she was lost, Hintz decided to provide her with a vehicle escort back home, but it led to bemused reactions from onlookers, who saw her driving her electric scooter in front of his police car and thought it was part of a low-speed chase. The scooter’s speed was 6mph.
But after an hour and ten minutes, Hintz finally navigated her home. He told ABC news: ‘I just treated her the way I would want someone to treat my mom.’
The woman did not receive a ticket.

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