Electric car drivers could receive almost 60 per cent parking discount in west London

Electric car  (PA Wire)
Electric car (PA Wire)

Electric car drivers in west London could get an almost 60 per cent parking discount compared to the most polluting vehicles under new plans.

Hammersmith and Fulham council is planning to introduce new parking charge bands based on vehicle emissions.

Under the proposed plan, electric vehicles will be charged £2.50 per hour to park in the borough while Ultra Low Emission Zone-compliant vehicles will see costs cut from £5 per hour to £3.50 per hour or £4.25 per hour depending on their CO2 emissions.

A £6-per-hour charge will be applied to the most polluting vehicles. Diesel drivers will be charged an extra £1 per hour due to the “extremely negative impact of diesel vehicles on air quality”.

The council hopes that this new fee structure will help to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in the borough, as well as alleviate the cost-of-living crisis and make it easier for residents to afford to park.

The policy also aims to stop visitors to London using the borough as a “cheap car park”, the plans say.

It is also hoped that the plan will encourage more people to use eco-friendly cars and reduce the number of high-emission vehicles in the area.

The council report says: “Hammersmith and Fulham proposes to implement new emissions-based parking charge bands and improve the offer for residents visiting friends and family or shopping across the borough.

“The policy will decrease charges on 80 per cent of vehicles. This policy will support our net carbon zero 2030 target and clean air neighbourhood strategy while helping residents tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

“It also supports businesses in the face of a potential recession. The new banding will incentivise people to transition to electric and low emission vehicles and maintain a policy targeted at non-residents who use the borough as a cheap car park.”

It adds: “The new tariffs will reduce the cost of living, working, and shopping in the borough for those with vehicles compliant with the Mayor of London’s ULEZ standard.”

During the pandemic, Hammersmith and Fulham Council increased parking fees in a bid to stop motorists from outside the borough using its car parks.

But residents told the council that high prices had deterred them from visiting friends and using services, with disabled and elderly people particularly affected.