Electric car drivers in England face 'increased patrols and tracking'

Electric car owners have been urgently warned over criminals stealing and cutting EV charging cables forcing major changes. InstaVolt has warned people are cutting EV charging cables, because they want the copper wiring which can be found inside the cables.

InstaVolt said it was boosting security with CCTV, patrols and tracking devices to protect its products. CEO Delvin Lane has issued a warning over the spate of illegal and criminal activity, noting particular activity in the Midlands and Yorkshire.

He added: "Although these sites are targeted by organised crime gangs, it’s a misconception that the copper brings real financial gain. The value of any metal stolen is insignificant. The thefts just cause disruption to EV drivers – including those in the emergency services – looking to charge their vehicles.”

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Mr Lane continued, saying: "We are taking this very seriously and are engaged with the police at all levels. We are calling on the industry to come together to use the full force of the law. It’s not just the thieves we’re after, but also the scrap dealers who are handling this stolen product."

Experts estimate that the damage has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Thieves are starting to see unattended EV charging cables as a way to make a quick sale on the second-hand market, according to motoring experts.

You might have also heard that some thieves are stealing EV charging cables for the copper inside and while it is true that EV cables contain copper, the amount inside is very little and not worth the effort it takes to strip the precious metal from the rest of the cable.

Mr Lane said: "As an industry, we need to be giving drivers confidence that they will be able to charge their car and we need to see swift law enforcement against the criminals causing disruption to EV drivers.”