Electric vehicle owners face up to £1 per minute charge for 'idling'

An electric vehicle being charged
-Credit: (Image: John Walton/PA Wire)

Motoring enthusiasts could find themselves stung by charges of as much as £1 per minute if they dally at public charging points, says Select Car Leasing. The firm's cautionary statement comes amidst a growing number of drivers embracing electric vehicles.

Overstay fees can set motorists back anywhere from 50p to a staggering £1 per minute. It's projected that there are approximately 1.1 million EV owners navigating UK roads, with certain individuals possibly feeling the pinch more than their peers.

The boss at Select Car Leasing, Graham Conway, said: "When a charging station is busy, drivers may want to consider charging their EV to just 80 per cent instead of all the way. Charging is typically fastest for the first 80 per cent and slows down considerably for the last 20 per cent to preserve the vehicle's long-term battery health."

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In an added observation, he shared: "Stopping at 80 per cent means a quicker charge time which is much more considerate to other motorists as it frees up the station much faster. It is also similarly productive to a full charge because the lithium-ion batteries that power most electric cars actually run most efficiently between 20 per cent to 80 per cent capacity."

In his final remarks, Conway stated: "Not only is it quick and efficient, charging to 80 per cent would also make for a cheaper payment. So unless that final 20 per cent would make the difference between getting home or not, it's best to save fuelling up to 100 per cent for at-home chargers," reports Bristol Live.

Auto Trader's guide points out that many direct current (DC) fast chargers automatically cease charging when an electric vehicle's (EV) battery hits 80% capacity. It emphasises that topping off an EV battery isn't as straightforward as refuelling a petrol tank and advises against frequently charging to 100%.

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