Electrician who ‘flew across car bonnet' left struggling day-to-day after Sidcup crash

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Photo of Brandon
Photo of Brandon

AN ELECTRICIAN who flew across the bonnet of a car was left covered in blood after a crash in Sidcup.

Brandon Neicho, 22, was involved in a crash with a car as he was riding his motorcycle in Main Road on July 9.

Brandon, from Sidcup, has told of how a normal Saturday afternoon in his life while riding his bike took a turn for the worse.

News Shopper: Brandon's arm after the incident
News Shopper: Brandon's arm after the incident

Brandon's arm after the incident

He explained: “It was all so sudden.

“I crashed with a car and flew over across the bonnet – injuring my left arm, including cuts, and bruises.”

Brandon said he was shocked the moment he saw himself covered in blood with his arm also disjointed.

He was treated at the scene by London Ambulance Service crews.

News Shopper: Picture of Brandon's arm
News Shopper: Picture of Brandon's arm

Picture of Brandon's arm

Brandon added: “The police turned up and closed off the road.

"Ambulance crews were seeing if I was responsive and checking if I had any injuries, especially to my head.

“I didn’t know where the blood was coming from so that was a worry, but I kept shouting, my arm, my arm.”

He was taken to Princess Royal University Hospital for further treatment and was discharged on July 11.

News Shopper: Picture of Brandon
News Shopper: Picture of Brandon

Picture of Brandon

Brandon said his injuries to his arm have left him with difficulties with his day-to-day life activities.

Brandon added: “I’m an electrician, so I haven’t been back to work since the incident.

“The movement in my fingers is not great and I can’t fully bend them.

“Even when I’m showering, it’s just so difficult as I can’t get the cast wet.

“It’s made my life difficult.”

Brandon is now resting at home and starting to make full recovery.

Brandon explained: “I’m lucky because I could have come out worse from the incident.

“I’m now looking to recover and go back to work when I can.”

Brandon is appealing for witnesses from the day of the incident to come forward.

Brandon explained: “I’m lucky because I could have come out worse from the incident.

“I am looking for witnesses who may have seen what happened.

“Anyone with footage or with any information please come forward.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 16:56hrs on Saturday, 9 July to reports of a collision involving a car and a motorcycle in Main Road, Sidcup.

“Officers attended along with the London Ambulance Service.

“The motorcyclist with taken to hospital with an injury to his hand.

“His condition was assessed as not life-threatening.

“The driver of the car was treated for minor injuries.”

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