‘Elementary’ Sneak Peek: Shinwell’s ‘Apology’ for Beating Up Sherlock Is... Not Great

On screen, the tension between Shinwell and Watson is thick; but behind the scenes, things are much more relaxed. That’s because they’re in the hands of a very capable director: Watson, er… Lucy Liu. Liu has been directing episodes of Elementary for several seasons now — as well as work for other shows and a short film — and has no trouble managing even when she’s in the scene she’s directing.

The scene being shot is Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) and Watson’s first interaction since he beat down Sherlock a few episodes ago, so the betrayal is still fresh. Take a look at the finished scene above, then see how they got there below. Liu gives actor Nelsan Ellis some leeway in how he plays the scene, but as you can see, she does still get the “french over” shots (the ones looking over Watson’s shoulder at Shinwell) she’s looking for.

This may not have been the best time for Shinwell to ask Watson for favors; not only because of what he did to Sherlock, but also because Liu is really busy. He probably should have waited until next episode.

Elementary airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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