Elephant gives final salute to his trainer who looked after him for 25 years

In this clip, an elephant names Pallattu Brahmadathan gives his final salute to its owner Damodaran Nair, 74 years old. Nair has been Pallatu's elephant trainer and keeper for 25 years. This was an emotional moment for the family and friends of the man, who died of cancer on June 3, at the village of Lakkattor, in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India. Damodar was a Mahout (elephant trainer) for the last 60 years. The relationship between him and Pallatu was very special: the old man considered the animal as a son. During the final salute, the elephant touched his trainer's mortal remains and people burst into tears. This elephant is famous because it participates in many religious festivals in the country.

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