Elephants and reindeer feast on donated Christmas trees at Berlin Zoo

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Animals at Zoo Tiergarten in Berlin enjoyed a belated Christmas dinner on Wednesday, when they were treated to unsold Christmas trees.

Fir trees were on the menu for the attraction’s reindeer and other animals, such as elephants and bison.

Donations of unused or unsold Christmas trees from the people of Berlin are welcomed every year.

The tradition is seen as a method of minimising waste while also helping zoos that have suffered financially during the pandemic.

Philine Hachmeister, spokeswoman at Zoo Tiergarten, said: “Many animals are fascinated and excited by the smell (of the Christmas trees).

“They have an unusual shape, (they are) prickly – which is usually not on the daily food menu.”

While the bison and elephants snack, the reindeer can be seen using their antlers to move the fir trees around.

Elephants and Christmas trees at Zoo Tiergarten in Berlin
The elephants were seen swinging the tree branches with their trunks (AP)

Ms Hachmeister said the tradition provides the animals with both a toy and a seasonal bite.

“The reindeer, they push their antlers against the trees, push them up and throw them around in the air.

“One could say a type of toy and holiday snack in one.”

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