Elf On The Shelf: 7 Ideas To Get Through Week One

The elf is back, there’s no hiding from it. Unless, of course, you’re steering clear of the festive tradition – but if you clicked on this article, our guess is that’s not the case.  

Elf on the Shelf is an annual tradition for kids that require parents to move an elf around different parts of the house throughout December (find out the full story behind it in our ultimate guide). Many go all out and put their elf in weird and wonderful scenarios, but it doesn’t have to be that time-consuming. 

ElfOnTheShelf (Photo: HuffPost UK)

If you need a helping hand to get creative, we’re here to make things easier. At the beginning of each week in December, we’ll share seven ideas you can use for that coming week. 

Let’s get cracking. 


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1. Toasty elf

Okay so you waste a piece of bread, but this is an easy win for week one!

2. Chatty elf

No fuss here, just an elf on the phone – prop it up next to your mobile phone if that’s easier. 

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3. Smelly elf

For the kids who love a bit of toilet humour. 

4. Trouble elf

Perhaps one that’ll take a little longer (and maybe for the older kids). You’ll need: masking tape, a few figurines, and a set-up by the oven. 

5. Messy elf

Grab a few Christmas decorations and some flour, and make your elf’s very own “snow” angel.

6. Bookshelf elf

Here’s an easy one – prop it up on the bookshelf alongside the Elf on the Shelf book. 

7. Surprise elf

“It’s me!” Grab an old cardboard box and get your elf bursting out to say hello. 

Need more ideas? Head to our Elf on the Shelf ideas page to find some inspiration. 


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