Elizabeth Debicki says Diana transgressed norms through non-royal fashion

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Elizabeth Debicki said the “iconic” fashion of Diana, Princess of Wales, transgressed norms through using dress in a typically non-royal way.

The 32-year-old Australian actress has been shown wearing Diana’s infamous ‘revenge dress’ in the trailer for the fifth series of the Netflix royal drama, The Crown.

The Crown Season 5
Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales, from season five of The Crown (PA)

The off shoulder black evening gown designed by Christina Stambolian, which is believed to have been worn by Diana as a form of revenge after Charles, now the King, admitted to adultery on TV.

Diana wore the silk gown, accompanied by a large pearl necklace and pearl earrings to a 1994 fundraising dinner hosted by Vanity Fair magazine for the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington, London.

The Princess of Wales wearing a designer dress for a dinner sponsored by the magazine Vanity Fair in 1995 (Martin Keene/PA)

Other suits and dresses that Diana wore during the 90s also seem to appear in promos for the series including a blue mini-dress and various suits she wore.

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, Debicki said: “What made Princess Diana so interesting (and) iconic with her fashion choices is that she brought the private into the public sphere, which was such a non-royal thing to do and so fascinating for people because it was very transgressive.

“(It was) also an attempt to sort of capture a telling of her own narrative really through just silhouette and choices.

“And so we had that part of the story to tell which was really satisfying to do but we also got to imagine who Diana is in this story behind closed doors.”

Imelda Staunton, who takes over from Olivia Colman as the Queen, said the hair, makeup and clothes allow you to transform into the character.

The 66-year-old actress said:  “I started to worry when I started to think, ‘I look rather good in this’.

“I started to think ‘I love these clothes’, because of course, they’re all made.

“And it makes it very hard to just go to the shops and buy a jacket.”

The Crown Season 5
Imelda Staunton, who has taken over the role of the Queen from Olivia Colman, from season five of The Crown (Netflix/PA)

She also said the Queen’s fashion did not “alter” allowing the public to “recognise her” and “feel they know her”.

Staunton added: “I think that’s what people really part of why they admired her was that she just didn’t try to be…maybe I should be trendy now.”

Netflix’s hit royal drama will return on November 9.