Elizabeth Olsen bonded with Jessica Biel over experience of playing Candy Montgomery

Elizabeth Olsen bonded with Jessica Biel over their shared experiences of playing Candy Montgomery.

The WandaVision actress is currently promoting the HBO series Love & Death, in which she portrays Montgomery, a real-life housewife who was accused of the brutal axe murder of her friend Betty Gore in 1980.

And while The Sinner star also played Montgomery in the 2022 Hulu show Candy, during an interview for WSJ. Magazine, Olsen insisted Biel didn't think it was a "big deal" that they delved into the same story at a similar time.

"It actually was something that connected us," she shared. "She's a very impressive and sweet and talented woman. I was terrified at first of having the same shows seemingly come out around the same time, and she really made that feel like not such a big deal."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Olsen noted she never met the real Montgomery but read an interview she conducted for a book called Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs. And as part of her preparation, the star spent a lot of time contemplating Montgomery's voice and the type of music she would have listened to.

"I like starting with dialect and voice first with characters that seem outside of myself. Between that and listening to all the disco music in the show, that was the beginning of trying to figure out Candy Montgomery," the 34-year-old added.

Love & Death will premiere via HBO Max on Thursday.