Elk Bugling Echoes Through Aspen Countryside

A filmmaker in Aspen, Colorado, captured the eerie sounds of elk bugling in the countryside, video posted on September 20 shows.

The clip, taken by Barry Stevenson, shows elk gathering in the mountains around Aspen.

“The eerie bugling of bull elk competing for the attention of females means it’s mating season,” Stevenson told Storyful.

According to the National Park Service, elk bugling is used to communicate a variety of different things.

“Some bugles simply communicate that the bull (male elk) is in the area with his harem. Others communicate to the cows (female elk) that they are straying too far from the bull or otherwise displeasing him. Still others communicate to other bulls that they are too close to his harem, and that he is willing and able to defend his cows,” they said. Credit: Barry Stevenson via Storyful

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