Ella Eyre: Speaking openly about my past relationships was 'misguided'

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Ella Eyre has admitted she regrets being so open about her private life in the past - but said she thinks it is “healthy” to be open about love and sex.

The singer, 26, said she felt some of her honesty about her personal relationships in public had been “misguided.”

Eyre has been dating her current boyfriend for three years - with the couple choosing to stay out of the public eye and his name remaining a mystery. The singer previously dated Lewi Morgan, from the British pop rock band Rixton, with their two-year relationship ending in 2017.

When asked if she regretted being open about her love life, she told the Standard: “Sometimes. I think in the past I have been misguided [in being open]. Sometimes people feel like they can ask you very personal questions and there can be an absence of facts reported. But I have chosen to talk about it and I am in the public eye, so its the way it is. I do think it is healthy to be open about love and sex.”


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Eyre, who was born in Ealing, was today revealed as the new host of Truth Flirts podcast series, which topped the relationship podcast charts last year when hosted by Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

Created by dating app Badoo, Season 2 of The Truth Flirts will see Eyre discuss modern dating topics such as sexual labels, dating during Coronavirus and interracial dating.

She said listening to people’s views on relationships and sex through her hosting job had been “fascinating.”


(Dave Benett/Getty Images)“As I have been in a relationship for a long time, I have forgotten about what it’s like in the early stages,” she said. “And I have not had to deal with dating apps. I have found it interesting what people deal with in terms of ethnicity with dating. They are personal conversations about experiences and I think it is brilliant people are being more opening about this kind of thing.”

Eyre revealed she took some deserved “guilt free” time off during lockdown - and decided to take the plunge and buy a house.

“There were some positives [of the pandemic],” she said. “I have been off work guilt free, which is definitely not something that you get much when you are a musician. It is not something I am very comfortable with.

“I had a bachelor pad, but lockdown made me realise I wanted a home. I got my boyfriend a puppy for his 30th. He had wanted a puppy for so long and I caved and it was the best thing I ever did. He [the dog] is so delightful. So we needed more space for him as well. I am so excited about doing it up. I am now obsessed with interiors.”

The house is in London, and when asked if she would ever leave her native capital, she replied: “Hell no.”

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