Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Indebted Grad Student With Gift of a Lifetime

On Monday, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, stars of The House, visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help give Daquan Mincy, a grad student at Salisbury University, the gift of a lifetime. Mincy is about to graduate with a master’s in education, and he’s done plenty of good along the way to get where he is now.

(Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC)

Mincy is the first in his family to go to college, and he teaches special-ed classes and mentors students while going to school. Also, despite working multiple jobs, Mincy has racked up $50,000 in loan debt. That’s where Ellen DeGeneres stepped in, but naturally, she was going to mess with him first.

Mincy was asked to spin Ellen’s Wheel of Riches, on which there are prizes along with the chance to win some cash. Mincy was given 2 spins. On his first, he won a pair of Ellen Underwear, which Ferrell just happened to have on him. It should be noted that the wheel was obviously being manipulated to land where they wanted it to.

On Mincy’s second spin, the wheel went well past the House Mystery Prize, but mysteriously stopped and spun backwards to land on it. Poehler peeled back the sticker to reveal that Mincy was getting $100,000. Mincy cried as he hugged DeGeneres, and Poehler seemed just as shocked and equally as happy.

Watch things go hilariously haywire when Chris Pratt and Ellen DeGeneres try to play a game:

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