Ellie Bamber: I am not afraid of darker roles and ‘exploring the human psyche’

<p>Ellie Bamber in Country & Town House</p> (Rachell Smith)

Ellie Bamber in Country & Town House

(Rachell Smith)

Ellie Bamber is not afraid of “exploring the human psyche” by taking on darker roles as she can “separate” herself from the characters she plays.

The 23-year-old star of physiological thriller Nocturnal Animals, the film by Tom Ford, and BBC drama The Trial of Christine Keeler, about the Profumo Affair, said part of the reason she enjoys her work is her interest “in exploring… how [..] human beings work.”

The actress, who also appears in current BBC drama The Serpent about real life serial killer Charles Sobhraj, said she was “not afraid” of taking on dark roles as - unlike some actors she is able to distance herself from the roles away from filming.

Bamber, who grew up in Surrey and attending the prestigious Wellington College on a drama scholarship, told Country & Town House: “I am really interested in exploring the human psyche and how we, as human beings, work.

Bamber in the editorial where she discusses not being afraid of taking on dark rolesRachell Smith
Bamber in the editorial where she discusses not being afraid of taking on dark rolesRachell Smith

"I’m intrigued by all types of characters who have different types of flaws and [experiences of] human suffering. I am not afraid of getting too dark because I can separate it in my mind.”

Bamber also spoke about her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. She attended the Trafalgar Square protest in June.

She said: “We need to confront these racial biases and look at ourselves, do the work and bring up these conversations with friends and families so we can stand up to racism. There is a lot of work to be done. I have been reading up on it, watching films and educating myself because systemic racism is a real crisis.”

The star said campaigning was important to her going forward.

The latest edition is out on FridayRachell Smith
The latest edition is out on FridayRachell Smith

“I just want to keep on doing what I am doing, working hard and being vocal and spreading awareness of the issues I am really passionate about,” she said.

Before the march, Bamber - like the entire nation - was in lockdown due to the pandemic. The star spent it with her family.

The star said she and her father bonded over food, adding the time spent together was “special.”

Admitting she was a big foodie, Bamber said: “We usually make curries but we made a lot of pizzas and fresh pasta during lockdown. We would figure out what to cook, then I would source everything from our little local shop. It was special.”

The Jan/Feb issue of Country & Town House will be out from Friday 15 January.

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