Elon Musk impersonated by crypto-scammers in multi-million bitcoin fraud

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Consumers tempted to turn a quick profit by dipping their toe into the highly volatile crypto space are being warned to stay alert to a growing number of scams - often using SpaceX boss Elon Musk as bait to try and tempt unwitting investors.

US consumer officials say crypto-currency scammers pretending to be Musk have made more than $2 million, that’s about £1.4m, in the past six months.

The FTC says losses to fraudsters claiming to be Musk or other celebrities are up around 1,000 per cent on last year, with scams often starting on social media.

Russia’s spy chief is denying the country had anything to do with the SolarWinds hack that penetrated the US government.

The attack, which was identified in December, gave access to thousands of companies and government offices that used compromised SolarWinds software, called Orion, that offered a backdoor to hackers.

The James Webb Space Telescope is having its final tests before heading to its launch site to be shot into space in October from French Guiana, so it will become the most powerful spyglass in the cosmos.

The $10 billion venture will offer star-gazing time to astronomers from 40 countries as they peer deeper into space than ever before.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has targeted a British politician over the use of management-speak during a global climate summit, why endangered coral is being restored by aquarists to re-garden our underwater rainforests, 400 years after the Plymouth Pilgrims set sail from England bound for America, an autonomous drone boat is set to retrace the transatlantic crossing. And, a Grand Theft Auto V player appears to be the first person ever to complete an entire game without taking one punch or bullet.

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