‘Cool’: Elon Musk chimes in on Joe Rogan’s stand-up comedy announcement

‘Cool’: Elon Musk chimes in on Joe Rogan’s stand-up comedy announcement

Elon Musk has reacted to the announcement of Joe Rogan’s first stand-up special in six years, writing on the social media site he bought and rebranded X: “Cool.”

Rogan, 56, is set to perform a comedy special titled Burn The Boats on Netflix on Saturday August 3. It will be broadcast live at 7pm PST/10pm EST.

The set will represent Rogan’s first new stand-up special since his 2018 set Strange Times. It will be his third for Netflix, also following 2016’s Triggered.

Rogan has been performing stand-up since 1988, but today is best known as a UFC commentator and podcast host. Musk has made several appearances on Rogan’s hit podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

On X, formerly Twitter, fans expressed excitement for the upcoming set with one writing: “I’m pumped for the new bits”.

Another wrote: “lol - always loved your stand up. Sure this one will be lit.”

Elon Musk (right) has frequently appeared on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (Getty)
Elon Musk (right) has frequently appeared on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (Getty)

Some users noted that they were surprised Rogan wouldn’t be bringing his new special to Musk’s own social media site, with one writing: “Elon says cool but he’s tryna figure out how he can get a Joe Rogan special on X”.

Another user added: “Don’t do it on Netflix. Do it on X.”

Meanwhile, some users seemed less impressed. One opined: “Joe Rogan is not funny. Maybe entertaining but never funny.”

Another simply responded to the announcement: “no thank you”.

In a short teaser clip posted by Netflix, Rogan can be heard warning his audience: “Don’t get mad at me, you knew why you came here!”

He adds: “Whoo. Feel that? That’s some ride home arguments in the air.”

Rogan then reassures the crowd: “Jokes, folks. Just jokes.”

Rogan has faced numerous controversies in recent years for spreading conspiracy theories on his podcast.

Spotify came under huge pressure in 2022 to drop Rogan over his anti-coronavirus vaccine comments and use of racial slurs, with some musicians, including Neil Young, pulling their music from the platform in protest.

During Musk’s most recent appearance on Rogan’s podcast last November, the tech mogul made an awkward joke about the Israel-Hamas war that appeared to make even the controversial podcast host uncomfortable.

When Rogan made reference to Hamas, Musk, 53, interrupted: “Hummus?” before laughing at his play-on-words.

As the host tried to change the subject, Musk pressed on with his joke. “I think we should just cut off chickpea exports,” Musk said through his own laughter. “That’ll bring them to their knees right away. What are you gonna do, take a chip and dip it in nothing?”

Rogan continued to look unamused while talking to someone off-camera, but Musk, content with his wisecrack about the ongoing war that has killed thousands, continued to smile to himself.