Elon Musk has a truly BIZARRE request for his 'gay friends'

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

In a bizarre turn of events, Elon Musk is still deeply anti-LGBTQ+ but also wants his gay friends to "have children."

This head-scratching comment came in response to the surrounding journalist Don Lemon's firing.

Musk agreed to exclusively broadcast Lemon's new interview show on X (formerly Twitter), but things went south fast when the reporter interviewed the Telsa owner for the first episode and asked questions Musk didn't like, Queerty reports.

After the interview, Musk canceled Lemon's contract because while the "billionaire" wants everyone to think he's a genius inventor and businessman, in reality, he's just a spoiled brat who wants to take his ball and go home if anyone dares to question him.

But Lemon landed on his feet and is now airing his show on YouTube instead.

Then, yesterday, in an interview with tech journalist Kara Swisher, Lemon wondered if Musk was uncomfortable answering questions while "sitting in front of a gay Black guy."

Considering Musk's penchant for anti-LGBTQ+ hate, even though he has a trans child, that's a fair conclusion to draw.

Shortly after, Musk re-shared a hateful post referencing a new bill that just passed in Washington requiring all public schools to teach LGBTQ+ history, warning, "They are coming for your children."

"They are," Musk wrote.

In response, someone asked, "do you love the gays though elon."

Then Musk posted the weirdest answer.

"My observation is that people are born one way or another – it is not a choice," he wrote on X. "People should find mutual love and happiness where their heart leads them. I only ask of my gay friends that they have children for the continuance of civilization."

Does Musk even have any gay friends? We're not convinced.

The fact that Musk is encouraging people to become parents when he's an absentee father to 10 children is WILD. Stay in your lane, you know, the one where you buy up companies only to accidentally destroy them through a combination of ineptitude and stupidity. That's where you really shine, Elon.

Plus, if this is how he feels about the queer community, why is he constantly liking and reposting hateful anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric? Make it make sense.

While Musk has yet to elaborate on what he meant, it likely concerns his long-held belief that declining birth rates spell the end for humanity. Back in 2022, he tweeted, "Population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming."

The comment section under his post is full of people who are happy about his seeming support of gay people having kids, as well as bigots spewing hate, fans mad he isn't being anti-gay enough for them, and people who are critical of his theory that population collapse will destroy the earth.

Oh, yeah, and George Takei, who went viral for his hilarious burn. "Can we ask that you stop for the same reason?" Fair question.

The TLDR? Musk is still a creep, an evil billionaire, but also like maybe two percent less homophobic than he was last week. The fact that that info is even slightly encouraging proves we are in the worst timeline.