Elsa to the rescue! How 'Frozen' princess saved a girl's 7th birthday party

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

A little girl in Colorado was crushed when none of her classmates showed up for her birthday — but a very special party princess used her Arendelle magic to turn things around. Lindsay Robert, a performer who runs Royally Enchanted Princess and Character Parties in Aurora, Colo., posted on Facebook three days ago about a heartbreaking visit to a first-grade party where she’d been hired to appear as Elsa from Frozen. The birthday girl, Leyana, invited her whole class, but not a single guest showed up. However, she had Elsa all to herself, and Robert tried her best to make the day special.

This shy and soft-spoken girl had put on her best dress and waited. And waited,” Robert wrote on Facebook. “We played games, sung songs, told stories, picked out little prizes (I gave her my lipstick. I would have given her the wig off my head if i could have), but too soon it was time for me to go.  I told her that she was kind, brave, and smart… all things every princess has in spades. She didn’t cry when I left, but I wonder if she did after I’d gone.”

The party performer added that she planned to send Leyana “a fairy garden” as a gift, “so she can plant something and make it grow. Because Elsa will never let you down.” As it turned out, she was able to give Leyana much more. Robert’s Facebook post went viral in her community and producers from local news station KDVR arranged to reunite Leyana with Robert, who came as Elsa and brought along a performer to play her Frozen sister, Anna. Today I saw a different child. Still shy, still sweet, but full of life and joy,” Robert wrote of their reunion. “Of course, KDVR had to capture the grace and beauty that is so apparent in Leyana. She read Anna and I a book. We sang another round of ‘Let It Go,’ and today we got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with a very different feel. It was truly magical.”

Robert also wrote that she’s “planning another surprise for Leyana,” and that many people have reached out to ask how they can help brighten Leyana’s day. That’s enough to warm anyone’s frozen heart.

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